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14 X 19" image size, Pastel, drymounted and framed under museum glass.

I met these two charming boys while visiting the village of Ruhengeri, tucked away in the northern hills of Rwanda. This lush, beautiful tourist destination is best known for the mighty silverback gorillas that live in the foothills of the mountains nearby. I was serving with World Relief, along with a group of young adults. These two brothers lingered around the worksite as we came alongside members of the local community to build a clay brick house for one of their elderly. I remember distinctly how the boys were so eager to help by carrying the large clay bricks to us throughout the day. They were such a vivid example of a willingness to carry each other’s burdens. As I look at the young boy being carried upon the back of his older brother, I am reminded of this very need to carry each other’s burdens.

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