Dear friends and collectors, 

I was lucky enough to start painting at the North River Arts Society in Marshfield, MA, over a decade ago. The artists I studied with were amazing - Donna Rosetti-Bailey, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Maggie Price...and the list goes on. North River has had to cancel their yearly fundraiser this spring. I'm offering the works below at my usual prices, but I will donate 60% of the purchase price to North River. 

I'll be adding more works as they are completed in the coming weeks. Commissions also accepted for this fundraiser.

If you love a piece, but would prefer to make the donation portion of the price directly to North River, please use the link below, and send me an email with the work you would like and your receipt for the donation.  I'll get right back to you with an updated link with the adjusted balance.  

Please email me at, or call 843-312-1891.

For example, if a work is $595, your donation would be $375, and the balance would be $238. I'll also ship to you for free!

Here is the link to the donation page at North River - let's keep the arts up and running!