Eli Cedrone’s style of Contemporary Impressionism explores a process of discovery, pulling disparate elements together to focus the ideas and emotions emergent through her images. Eli prefers to work directly from life, at least initially, so that the vitality of each image resonates. She is attracted to the human form, imbuing the emotional power of a moment in time into her narrative themes. In her landscapes, she seeks to depict her personal responses to nature as well, beyond the descriptive. Ultimately, Eli is fascinated by the expressive qualities of light as it reveals a visual patina of time. She stretches to convey the alchemy between what is transient and what is solid, revealing between the two the matrix of the shadow and light patterns of life.  


Graduating from the School of Art & Design, Suffolk University in Boston, Eli furthered her depth of expression, studying art in Florence, Italy.  She began her career in Advertising in Bermuda, a path which carried her into illustration and editorial design later in California, finally leading her back to Boston to renew her studies at the school of the MFA which initiated her painting full-time. She returns often to Bermuda, Italy and California to paint and teach workshops.